Mission Statement & Rules *Please Read*

Mission Statement

Mission Statement & Rules *Please Read*

Postby Norseman » Fri May 02, 2014 2:06 am


We are simply a group of like minded individuals who support either directly or indirectly with taking a type specimen to prove the existence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot once and for all.



This forum was basically born out of the furnace of the BFF. My "Kill Club" thread on the BFF was a statement, a test, and a debate all rolled into one.

View original thread here:
http://bigfootforums.com/index.php/topi ... kill-club/

1) It was a statement from me to the anti kill club that I didn't agree with their philosophy.
2) It was a test to draw out and see if any forum member would support and defend the idea. Or if I was all alone (or few) in this mindset.
3) It was a debate not in pro kill vs. anti kill, but a debate about how pro kill could really work and be implemented. This debate continues........

As the discussion progressed a few of us that did indeed find common ground in that thread decided we needed some place of our own to talk amongst ourselves and debate and promote the idea of providing science with a body. I approached Gigantor on the BFF because he has rad computerfu skills and WALLAH we now have a forum of our own to discuss this endeavor. Originally it was agreed upon that this place would be a bat cave of sorts. Pro kill is not a popular mindset and I feel some members felt they wanted to keep a level of autonomy with this forum. Unfortunately the forum was going no where and dying a slow death. So as of today May, 30th 2013, I have decided to pull the stops and let the wagon roll down hill. It's important to me that this mindset gets out there and prevails.

Slab monkey:
Do we hate apes? Are we blood thirsty killers? Why kill something so cool, so like us and is another primate life form shared on this planet to be respected. Well, it's all very simple. Without a species recognition? It's not anything........it resides with Pixies and Gnomes. It's never going to see the benefits of the Endangered Species Act, an Environmental Impact Study, Biological studies, so forth and so on. And needs to be a real species before Science and Conservation will take it's funding and time and energy and turn it to the species. Do they even need our help? Without Scientific inquiry? We have no idea. But if you look at other large omnivores in N. America such as the Grizzly bear? Our settlement of N. America has not been kind to them. But with the Endangered Species Act? Things are improving........

Endangered Species Act:

I saw tracks as a boy with my father while out hunting a Xmas tree on our ranch in Rice Washington in 1978. While I would not call myself a total believer, it certainly left an impression that something was out there. The tracks were very convincing, they were not hoaxed, and it shook my father badly. And he had been hunting in remote places of Washington most of his life. I have pictures of him horse packing into Black Pine lake above Twisp, Wa in 1958 to Mule Deer hunt.

In all of this time........I have relied on "experts" to solve this mystery once and for all. While I took an interest and watched from the sidelines, and my hobbies included hunting, fishing, mule packing, etc? I didn't really dig into the issue. Several years ago this all changed when I submitted a report and joined the BFRO forums. I WAS IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING. The realization that this prominent organization was absolutely, positively against providing a type specimen by shooting or harming one. And not only that, but they were completely militant about even discussing the POSSIBILITY on their forums. After having posts deleted and being reamed out for feeling the way I did? I LEFT. Then I found the BFF and the rest is history.

The point to all of this is that, I have no idea if people like me have had similar experiences or not. But if you have? YOUR HOME.

I want this forum to promote a pro kill/type specimen philosophy. With that said I would never be draconian to someone who disagrees with this philosophy on this forum like the BFRO was to me. Just keep in mind that if your impeding the discussions on this forum to promote said philosophy? I have a problem with that. Posting your opinion is one thing, derailing a discussion is quite another.

I also want this forum to promote like minded people meeting, discussing ideas and then ENACTING THEM. If our mission is to provide a type specimen to science? We cannot do it by banging on a keyboard. Discuss, plan, train and execute. Do what you can when you can. The more fishing lines we have in the water the better the chance of catching that fish.

I had started out with the thought that this would be an organization with tables of organization, memberships, cadre, rules and regulations, etc. I have canned that idea. This is simply a watering hole in which like minded individuals can meet form their own groups and go out and do as they please.


So you have meet some guys/gals and your loaded for Bear and heading out! GREAT! Project Grendel or I, Wade Moss, nor any Administrators, Moderators or anyone affiliated with this forum or website take any responsibility for your actions. I highly suggest this:

1) Know your local and state firearm laws.
2) Know your local and state wildlife laws.
3) Take a hunter safety course or gun safety course.
4) Take a wilderness survival course.
5) Tell someone where you are going and when your going to return.

Forum Rules

I have owned a Airsoft forum in the past that had something like 3000 members.......I have no visions of this forum getting that big. There for I'm going to keep this simple.

1) We are here to promote the pro kill mindset.
3) If you want to discuss politics or religion or aliens, that's great. But if the general discussion area boils over, I will make appropriate sub forums for you to discuss your thing til your hearts content.
4) If you want to form a pro kill Squatch group and you want some place private to discuss your operations, places, etc. I will entertain the idea of providing an area for you. I would prefer it's not just you and Bubba, as you can imagine these private forums could get quite long. But if your a group say of 10.......hit me up. Keep in mind that Adminstrators can see EVERYTHING on this forum........but we will not betray your trust and give away your favorite honey hole........promise.
5) Let's have an intellectual discourse people.......... if you want to debate and throw your hat in the ring? Awesome. But back it up with some links to article pertinent to your claims. Dont just wing it.
6) I'm a pretty cool guy really, and I'm not a Tyrannt. But with that said I do hold the ban hammer to posts, threads and individuals. And rule #1 will always take precedent if I feel your being an ass clown and your trying to derail the apple cart down the road.

And for God sake's have fun! Haters are not welcome of any ilk.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! added 5/1/14

Because we are being over run by spam bots, and I want to make sure your a real person!? When selecting your USERNAME make sure at the end of it ADD the letters PG. That way I know your a real person and you want to become apart of Project Grendel. Thanks!

You can also reach me off site at: norseman7088@yahoo.com if your having any troubles accessing this site.
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